Bellanda Group was founded in 1966 as mold manufacturer for goldsmith sector, but in a few years, it changed the production into molds for precision mechan- ics and it opened its own sheet metal forming division. Right from the start, the distinctive feature of the company is the ability to act transversally through the most varied product sectors while maintaining the characteristics of high quality and innovation in all products: furniture, automotive, air conditioning, household ap- pliance, games and electronic in- dustries. Over the years it succeeded in establishing long-lasting relation- ships with many customers, re- lationships founded on valid co- operation and oriented toward creating and perfecting products and improving productions pro- cesses.



UNI EN ISO 9001 reference standard for Quality Management Systems in- ternationally recognized


Bellanda s.r.l.
Via dell’Automobile 53 15121, Alessandria (AL), Italy


Piedmontese excellence

A unique style made of attention to details, craftmanship, respect for the heritage and sustainability.