Boschis is a family company. It was founded in 1912 by Edoardo Boschis who was one of the mas- ters of the old generation of Turin people. The history of the compa- ny is that of Turin craftsmanship, continued to today by his children and grandchildren. Its institution- al vocation was that of furniture designed to customer specifi- cation and turnkey projects and was never departed from. From the beginning of the company its points of force were, and still are, its remarkable creativity and at- tention to detail. Over the years, there have been some very sig- nificant examples of prestigious realizations for and cooperation with some of the most represen- tative Italian architects.



Boschis s.r.l.
Via Cottolengo 45 10072, Mappano (TO), Italy


Piedmontese excellence

A unique style made of attention to details, craftmanship, respect for the heritage and sustainability.