Testatonda is a design group formed by Nicolò Corigliano, Mat- teo Minello, Alessandro Scialdone and Valter Cagna. They draw in- spiration from the intuitiveness of elegance and the plurality of its shapes, identifying the criteria of any possible beauty in gaps and uneven details. The name, Testatonda, is inspired by the round-headed nail, an ele- ment of conjunction between the world of iron and that of wood, a perfect synthesis of the differ- ent souls that make up the group, whose members possess transver- sal skills ranging from architecture to design, up to anthropology and sociology. A union not only between heterogeneous materials but also between unique individu- alities defined by specific training and professional paths.


TestaTonda Via Cogne 11C 10155, Torino (TO), Italy www.testa-tonda.com


Piedmontese excellence

A unique style made of attention to details, craftmanship, respect for the heritage and sustainability.