Vistadipunto® furnishing accesso- ries are created in the name of beauty, to be experienced as a sensorial experience that goes beyond the mere functionality. The feeling of well-being that is perceived by observing the ana- morphic images of Vistadipunto® furnitures goes beyond just the visualization but fits into a differ- ent way of perceiving reality. To enjoy the beauty of the images you need to get around the ob- ject and pause for a few moments when you find the correct point of you, your point of view; you need to live the moment consciously, getting in tune with the moment you live and with yourself, with “mindfulness” as they say in En- glish.



MIP Piemonte


Via Malta, 32D, 10141, Torino, Italy


Piedmontese excellence

A unique style made of attention to details, craftmanship, respect for the heritage and sustainability.